hello to you.

Hi, I'm Marlous and I love connecting with people, lifelong learning and inspiration for creativity. I'm working hard to be more present, aware and learn about anything that's to do with our willingness to see other perspectives including in collaborations, teamwork, business and simply in life in general. And so my starting point is to share my learnings here with you. Thanks for stopping by :)

you had me at...

Stories. Frustrations. Problems. Change. Collaborations (gone wrong/well). Cultural nuances. Dutch goodness. Discoveries. Epiphanies. Learning. Innovation. Your happy dance (or let's just dance together).

i believe in love.

I believe that creating awareness, learning and development are the start of connecting the dots.

I believe that we need to care for and connect with each other now more than ever in this world of armours and instant gratifications.

I believe that learning and changing perspectives can help us tap into the potential to be and do more for ourselves and others.

I believe that we were all meant to shine, and I believe there's enough cake for everyone.

in my tribe...

We give ourselves permission to bring our best selves everywhere.

We take our work seriously, and humour ourselves.

We take leadership and ownership, and admit to our mistakes.

We give credit where credit is due.

We care for the people who's lives we touch in any way.

We’re responsible for the energy we bring into this room.

We’re never too senior/fussed to pick up a broom stick.

We’re determined to make things happen and will find a way.

We talk about things that bother us and we can agree to disagree.

We celebrate the small wins and overcome the hard stuff together.

We believe in resourcefulness and seek continuous improvement.

Change is the only constant and so is lifelong learning.