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Are you a high-achiever who is always seeking more, but has never quite found that thing that you’re looking for?

Do you have an ‘okay’ job and decent lifestyle, but yet you’re not totally satisfied?

Do you spend your days feeling unfulfilled and knowing there is more for you?


  • You’ve been hustling your back off, but you’re feeling like you’re just going through the motions and getting nowhere

  • You find yourself in a traditional life and career path thinking ‘this should be success’, yet spend most of your time feeling deeply unhappy

  • You know there are things that are holding you back from doing the things you truly want, but creating change is hard, right?

  • You have a burning desire to make changes to be the truest version of yourself and work towards your dream goals (and would LOVE the chance to do just that!)

All you want is to take inspired action (the type of action that feels GOOD!), express your uniqueness and live life and thrive in a career that will fulfil your own version of success and happiness. 

Sound like you? I’m here for you, lovely.


As a Certified Life and Career Coach, I work with high achievers who seek more fulfilment and want to (re)define their version of success that feels truest for them.  What I know for sure, from my own time navigating this path, is that everyone has their answers within them. And it is my calling to help you find yours.

Through deep listening and powerful questioning, desire-fuelled goal setting and action steps, I empower you to work towards what you most want. 

In my one-on-one coaching series, I work with you to create more alignment and fulfilment, provide hands-on support and help you to:

+ Define your own success and get crystal clear on how to get there

+ Feel focused and inspired to take desire-fuelled action steps

+ Uncover things that hold you back so you can be a thriving powerhouse

+ Express your unique gifts, talents and skills to create a life and career you love

I know it can be a big decision to invest in yourself and work with a coach. Learn more about how others have experienced working with me as their coach.

Why work with me?

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I’m Marlous Teh, Certified Life and Career Coach. I work with ambitious people who want to thrive with courage in their life and career. As a multi-passionate non-traditional career path walker myself, I deeply understand how it feels to be unaligned, unfulfilled or even unhappy. And with each step in my career, I have worked to marry my skills with my passion and my calling. And I’m so thrilled that my experience and skills have led and committed me to my coaching work for my clients.

  • Over the last 8 years I’ve worked as a Marketing and Fundraising professional for organisations and I’ve also run my own business. I’ve worked with corporates, Universities, charities, government and small businesses across Australia, The Netherlands, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • I ran a small business & project management consultancy for 2 years empowering clients to grow their businesses through marketing and events. This is where I started using coaching principles to work with clients to develop strategy and actions to help grow their businesses and push through challenges.

  • For the last 5 years, alongside my 9-to-5 career, I have worked as a passionate volunteer fundraiser and facilitator in Rotaract/Rotary and Initiatives of Change programs that allowed me to be actively involved in leadership development and transformational change programs. My coaching interest started to really flourish in these programs as I mentored and coached young professionals to help them reflect on things that were holding them back and to uncover their leadership potential for themselves and for the community. 

  • I worked as a Business Development Manager and Personal Brand Coach for 2 years at a modern etiquette consultancy in Sydney developing and delivering personal and professional development programs for graduates, corporates and business professionals to help them get ahead in their careers.

  • I’m a certified Beautiful You Coaching Academy Coach (accredited by the International Coaching Federation).

  • I’m also a student and graduate of B-School by Marie Forleo and an alumni of the Entourage - Build your business program.

  • I have spent countless hours on personal and professional development which have formed the foundation of my library of resources and worksheets that I share with my clients.

How can you work with me?

I offer one-on-one coaching as it is one the most powerful tools for transformation and development, supporting you each step of the way to level up your goals in your life and career. Coaching spots in the Level Up Coaching Series are limited and currently I have 2 spots left.

What does the one-on-one Level Up Coaching Series include?

  • 1x Discovery Questionnaire with powerful and thought-provoking questions that help us uncover your most desired areas to work on in your coaching series.

  • 1x Discovery session (30 min) to help you get clarity on what we would work on in your coaching series

  • 6x One on One Coaching Sessions (60 min) that take place bi-weekly over 12 weeks, including Desire-fuelled Goal setting and creating Action-Inspired steps 

  • Unlimited Messaging support (through Voxer voice messaging) to celebrate wins and get feedback and recommendations to move closer toward your goals

  • Powerful playsheets and resources to support your goals

The Level Up Coaching Series is $1,080 with all inclusions mentioned above. Coaching spots are limited.

What you need to know in working with me
My deepest values are Connection, Authenticity and Courage and I live to bring those into my coaching and everything I do in life. This means that I will not shy away from asking direct questions that mirror truths. I WILL hold you accountable, because I believe that’s the key to be the best version of yourself.. I also know that life is about the journey and showing up and so it’s important to celebrate small and big wins. And in that, I believe that it’s important to have fun in the process, so I will often put my pompoms and dancing shoes on to celebrate and encourage you every step of the way.


Are you ready to thrive with courage in your life and career?