Zuchinni Lasagna (pasta free) / by Marlous Teh

Here’s my pasta free Zucchini Lasagna recipe as requested...! It's nice and filling without the overkill of feeling full that lasagna with original sheets often tends to do.



Ingredients for 10 serves (mass your cooking 💪🏻)

2 slices of thin fatty bacon (if you can get some from a nice gourmet deli)

1 ripe fresh tomato chopped

1 or 2 onions chopped fine

2 cloves of garlic crushed

Spices cayenne pepper 1ts, ground coriander 1ts, smoked paprika 2ts, oregano 1ts

Splash of white wine (Sauv Blanc or any will do but not too sweet)

1kg of lean beef mince (90% or 95%)

250g of mushrooms sliced

1 can of Whole peeled tomatoes

200ml of Passata

125ml of beef chicken stock (I use Australia’s own salt reduced)

2 to 3 Zucchini thinly sliced into ‘sheets’ layer with paper towel to allow moisture absorption

2 tbs of butter (real fatty butter please!!)

2 tbs of flour

150/200ml of milk

350-400g cheese


Start the cooking.

You’ll want to use a deep skillet as it will get quite saucey. Heat the pan and throw in bacon as whole. Render all the fat until bacon is crispy. Set bacon aside. Throw onions, garlic in pan and sauté till golden brown. Add all the spices & stir through. Add chopped tomato. Sauté till soft. Add splash of wine with your finest chef like movement. Now look at all that bubbling goodness & the golden colours in the pan and admire all those flavours being developed 😋

When wine is vaporised, add canned tomatoes and gently crush them with a spatula to let the seeds out. Keep stirring to nice saucy consistency. Add the mince to the sauce and stir through. I like to crush my mince very fine so it’s nice and flavourful. Add mushrooms. Take a snap, because who doesn't like mushrooms galore.

If you don't like mushrooms... I don't want to know you.. :P

If you don't like mushrooms... I don't want to know you.. :P

Then I add the bacon into the sauce that was rendered in the beginning. Don’t be shy to stick your fingers in and break/crumb into little pieces. Put occasional bacon crumb into your mouth 😜 Add Passata & some beef stock to the pan and stir through. Then add mushrooms and let it reduce down to a nice consistency. And voila filling done.




Layer up.

Get them suuuuuper thinn :)

Get them suuuuuper thinn :)

Now here’s the fun bit. Before you start this process, make sure you've cut your zuchini sheets nice and thin. I find they taste better to have more and thinner layers, plus they cook faster :) Start layering the zucchini in the bottom of your oven dish.


Sprinkle with some cheese, add meat sauce you just prepared and repeat. On top make sure to finish with zucchini sheets.


Top it off.

Heat some butter in a little sauce pan and let it melt completely. Before it turns brown, add flour and whisk as you thrown it in. This should give you a thick buttery paste and then add milk. Keep whisking. And whisking. And whisking. Until it’s thick. I sometimes use a bay leaf in the belchamel as I add butter and remove before pouring your glossy creamy belchamel sauce over the top of the lasagna. Smear out the sauce and sprinkle with cheese. Put in oven for 30 min or so at 180degrees C and enjoy while it’s hot!

Bon appetite!


Macros per serve

35.5g proteins

24.4g fats

17g carbs

Hope you enjoyed this recipe! I love cooking and am keen to share my recipes if you want to try then out. Let me know how you go! If I'm missing steps in my recipe, please feel free to ask me any questions to clarify! Happy cooking :)

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