How do you define your business success? / by Marlous Teh

Marlous Teh

As part of my journey in training to become a life coach, I got to have an excuse to travel into the beautiful city of Hobart for an Inspiration Day and a Women In Business - The New Way event.

With excitement, I made my way to Sydney airport. Ready to be inspired on Tasmanian grounds.

I usually go into an event with an idea of what I want to learn or get out of it. I research the speakers, the topics, so I can ask some deep (or smarty pants 🙈) questions, and “immerse” myself into it.

However, in the last few weeks since deciding to go and booking in flights and hotels, I’d been SO busy hustling my butt off with a new full time job, playing catch up with my studies, two big community service and volunteering projects and other commitments. I literally did not have time to think about what I’d like to get out of the events.

On my way to the Women In Business - The New Way event and having that realisation of being “not prepared”, I was a little anxious. And thank goodness, my Beautiful You Coaching Buddy, THE amazing Miish Grixti, was there to warmly greet me. And I felt at home instantly. Love you Miish!!!! <3

As I sat myself down at the event, and closed my eyes for a brief moment, there was only one word that came to mind. OPEN.

All I wanted to be was open. Giving myself permission to be open. Letting whatever that’d come out of the session, keeping my mind, heart, and soul open.

And so as each speaker came up to share, the more I was hm-ing and aha-ing in full resonation with blows of wows of what was shared.

Every. Single. Second. I was glued to the tip of my chair watching and listening to the Beautiful You coaches sharing their freaking nuggets of GOLDEN wisdom.

A few key things I found so helpful in (re)defining my business success that I’ve translated with my own interpretation:

✨Be in communion and ceremony with our business. Know they have their own soul and are their own entity. Feel into it, take it on dates, play and have fun with it. And maybe even have healthy arguments with it.

✨There are no advanced tactics. How we shine is by believing in and being ourselves wholeheartedly and unapologetically. Showing up and putting ourselves out there.

✨Grow with grace, Surrender & let go. Go with the ebs & flows. Be human, and let go of attachment. It’s not all about us/our stuff.

✨Using someone else’s yard stick isn’t going to cut it for us. What are our non-negotiables? What is it that we truly want? 

✨There will be time to focus in, and focus out. Integrate the most important parts of our lives where we can.

A big beautiful thank you to all the coaches who shared their learnings, wisdom and beautiful energy.

Thank you to Sammie Flemming, Ellie Swift, Liz Deanna, Tash Spencer, Jade McKenzie and the Beautiful You team for so so much empowering energy, eye opening nuggets and invaluable insights.

And so, wowed during the event, at the end I walked away feeling so ready and wide open to bring my best game and embrace the next steps in my coaching journey. 

Reflections reflections.

As I’m writing this blog post, something is becoming really clear to me. I was present, exactly in the way I was meant to. I wasn’t “prepared” at all, but I actually was. Not having time to research and think about it in advance allowed or even forced me to go deeper, be more intuitive and hone in on my instincts rather than just connect to it with my head. THAT was what I needed more of.

Now that I got out of my own way, I’m so grateful that I was able to be there fully in the Beautiful You way.

Thanks so much for your time to read this.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that those success tips for your wonderful business ideas or career growth will help you too.

How do you see your success in your business and how you show up?

I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment below!